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Monolith & Pylon Signage

Ignite your brand and fuel your business success with quality petrol station and pylon signs from Link Signs! With years of experience, we are proud to offer a range of signage solutions perfectly tailored to your business.

Monolith, Petrol Station & Pylon Signs

Petrol & Gas Station Signage Solutions

Looking to make an impact? Pylon signage are free-standing structures that consist of signage that has been mounted onto exposed poles.

With Link Signs, navigating the world of petrol station and pylon signs has never been easier! We understand that creating an attractive, eye-catching sign can be a challenge which is why we offer a variety of signs to choose from. 

From directional pylon signs to a fully customised solution for safety and promotional signage, we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

We are proud to serve clients across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast. So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and make your mark with Link Signs. Get in touch today to learn more!

petrol and pylon signs from Link Signs fro a large company
Large illuminated petrol and pylon signs from Link Signs

Expert Petrol & Pylon Signs

Quality Signs For Maximum Impact

When it comes to making a bold statement and drawing in customers, nothing speaks louder than pylon signs.

At Link Signs, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence, going the extra mile to ensure that every pylon structure is durable and long-lasting. 

Crafted from quality materials, our pylon signs combine precision engineering with top-tier craftsmanship, ensuring  24/7 visibility for years to come!

closeup of custom petrol station signs

Petrol Station & Pylon Signs For Your Business

The Link Signs Difference

At Link Signs, our commitment to offering fully customised petrol station signs is what sets us apart. From concept to installation, we are proud to offer an extensive range of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

We understand that every business is distinct, with its own identity and specific needs. That’s why we go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that each pylon sign is not just a marker but a bespoke representation of your brand.

The Power Of Quality Monolith & Pylon Signs

Why Choose Our Pylon Signage?

Our pylon signs excel at capturing attention and swiftly conveying essential messages, making them a dynamic asset for your business.



We use top-quality materials to ensure your signs withstand harsh weather, ensuring long-lasting durability and visibility.


Professional Look

Our materials maintain a polished appearance, leaving a positive impression.


Lasting Appeal

High-quality materials resist wear and tear, require minimal maintenance, and stay visually appealing for longer!


Custom Options

Choose from various materials to match your signs to your branding and needs.

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Ready to transform your brand’s visibility? Whether you’re envisioning an eye-catching monolith, pylon sign or directional petrol station signs that guide with ease, our team is eager to turn your ideas into tangible, impactful realities. Why wait? Get in touch with us today or fill out our form for a free quote!

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About Our Pylon Sign Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pylon signage refers to freestanding structures typically positioned outdoors to prominently display business names, logos, or other information to passing traffic. These tall and eye-catching signs are designed for visibility and can be customised to match a brand’s identity.

Pylon signage is ideal for a variety of businesses. Whether you’re looking to draw attention to your petrol station, promote a product, or direct customers to your location, pylon signs can be a great tool. They’re particularly useful for gas stations and convenience stores as they are tall and easily noticeable from afar.

Additionally, you may consider pylon signage if you need directional signs pointing people in the right direction or want to advertise sales and promotions. Monoliths and monument signs are also popular for entrance ways or gardens with their unique appearance. Plus, our team of designers can work with you to create a sign that perfectly matches your branding needs.

Pylon signage is an effective way to attract passing traffic and increase visibility for businesses. Whether you’re looking to promote a product, direct people to your location, or advertise your company, pylon signage can be a great solution. 

At Link Signs, we offer custom designs and materials to ensure that your signs are exactly what you need while providing long-term durability in any weather conditions.

Our experienced team of sign makers are dedicated to creating the perfect pylon sign for each business—from petrol station signs and freestanding structures, to safety signs, exit direction signs, hazard signs, monoliths and promotional displays. We understand the importance of having signage that matches your unique brand identity and aesthetic—as well as stands up to the elements.

Our Petrol Station Signs are designed with durability and low maintenance in mind. Regular cleaning and occasional checks for functionality are typically sufficient. We can also provide guidelines and support to ensure your signs remain in optimal condition.

Yes, Link Signs offer complete installation services for our pylon and petrol station signs. We’ll handle every step of the process, from designing and producing the sign to getting it installed at your location. 

Our team of experienced sign makers can ensure that your signage is securely mounted in a way that will not compromise its safety or longevity. Plus, our installation staff are available to answer any questions you may have about the process.